Principal’s Update ~ October

October 23, 2017

Dear Parents:

It has been a very busy month thus far, and promises to continue to be event-filled until our winter break! I know that the pending holiday season is a busy time for our LHS families as well.

A significant focus for Livermore High School has been the preparation for, and visit of, the WASC team—a group of visiting educators touring our classrooms and talking to our teachers, students and parents. Their purpose was that of monitoring our progress on goals established three years ago by a previous visiting team. This review by the Accrediting Commission for School—the ACS-WASC –is sponsored by one of six regional accrediting agencies reviewing high schools and colleges in California, Hawaii, the Pacific Region, Middle East, Africa and Europe. After two and a half days, the team left to write an interim report which we should receive sometime in December. They will comment on our program, the validity of our coursework, and our on-going support of learning for all of our students. Once the report is received we will have input on our goals for the next three years, until the final accreditation visit in 2020.

In addition to our WASC review, we have also been engaged in the writing of the SPSA, the Single Plan for Student Achievement. This plan is a roadmap for the school year, and details our goals in Math, English and Reading Competency, as well as our school climate and plan for supporting students with special needs, both educational and emotional. Please check this site for a link to the entire 42 page plan in the near future. As soon as the Plan is approved by the Board of Education I will post it here so you can read it and see not only our intention and goals, but also how we will measure them, ask for your input and communicate information and data to you.

Although these two reviews are definitely very labor-intensive, involving months of work, documentation and reflection, I can honestly say that the process is a good one, keeping us adherent to our vision and guaranteeing that we maintain the highest of academic standards for Livermore High School and its students. A huge thank you is in order to all the parents, students, and staff who contributed to this work and a special “shout out” to Vice Principal Tom Fletcher and Mr. Brian Poynter, for the coordination of the WASC report, visit and focus groups.

My job is truly a wonderful and challenging one—full of pleasure and delight in the accomplishments of our students. I was reminded of this by my recent visit to the Livermore Rotary to present three of our students as the Rotary Outstanding Students of the Month. Our students are acknowledged by the group, presented with a plaque and gifts from local businesses, and treated to a luncheon with their family members at the event. The students are nominated by their teachers for exhibiting a combination of academic excellence and service to the school and community. Hannah Dolan, Megan Johnston and Radha Sri-Tharan definitely exemplify the skills, warmth and personal integrity that make our collective family proud. I am fortunate to be able to “sit in” for all of you and bask in the reflected glory of their accomplishments. Congratulations to their families, their teachers and all of you. It truly “takes a village”. Our students are the future, and the future looks very bright!

In closing, as we approach the holidays we are thankful for the love and support of our own families and that of the extended community as well. We at Livermore High School are constantly reminded of the network of support for Cowboy Nation that contributes to all of our students. Special thanks are in order to all of you and—most recently—accolades to:
The LHS PTSA for the showing of “Screenagers” and the anti-bullying presentation they sponsored at a recent PTSA meeting. Their “broadening” of the outreach to our parent population and the offering of meaningful and informative discussion topics is most appreciated.
Sandia National Laboratory for the generous gift of updated Periodic Tables for our Science classrooms with the “new addition” of the element Livermorium (Lv).
The LVJUSD and our ELAC parents and staff for the reclassification ceremony for district students held in the LHS gym. It was a wonderful, celebratory event.
Tim Boczanoski and the LVJUSD Planning Committee for the presentation (and Board approval) of the new Sports Complex at Livermore High School.
To all of you—too numerous to mention—especially our parents and staff. Thank you for your continued support.

Vicki Scudder